enditnow Poem

(A dramatic poem)

Poor me, Poor me,

Lord Jesus P-L-E-A-S-E have mercy on me!

Another beating like the one last night,

Will send me straight to cemetery!

Is this my horrible destiny?

Since I’ve been abused from the tender age of three?

My stepfather blacked up my eye

He bruised up my knee

And robbed me of my virginity

He bragged that the violence would never end

Because on him for survival we depend.

I was glad to get married, Thought I’d finally be free

But my wicked husband keeps beating on me

Licks in the morning, noon and night

You’d think his blows were some tasty delight.

Added to the blows are insults that hurt

As he constantly tells me I have no worth.

But I am not alone in this tragedy

For millions of women are abused like me

And millions of girls are in captivity

Just longing for someone to set them free!

Is anyone willing to take a stand

To end violence against females in this fair land?

Is anyone willing to say, “no matter how

We’re tired of violence let’s END IT NOW?”

©2010 Gerene Joseph

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